As an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator my priority is to facilitate empowerment. It’s all about empowering you to know that you know. It’s not about what I know. It’s not about me convincing you, or showing you that I know stuff. No! Facilitation with the Access Consciousness tools and processes is about you becoming more of you and facilitating that at your pace, not mine.

For me Empowerment is the magic I be. I chose to add the word empowerment to the name of my business Deva Empowerment. Here at Deva Empowerment, using the tools of Access Consciousness, I am confident to say what works for me and recognise that this may not work for you. I have the confidence to be the ease, joy and glory that I know I truly be. I have the strength to seize the moment, regardless of what others are thinking or saying abut me. What might your life BE like if you discovered your own personal Empowerment?

Let’s look at the word Empowerment.
If I reverse the first two letters from EMpowerment, the E and the M, I get ME. This is all about ME and I’m not talking in a self-centred, stampy-footed, spoilt brat type of way, although I can totally go there if this is what will create more in my world. No, it’s acknowledging ME and the truth of who I be. Being ME is where I have that sense that I am ease, joy and glory in every moment and every molecule of my body and being.
The next part of emPOWERment is the middle section – POWER. For me this is the potency, the power, the weirdness, the joy, the calm I truly be. So much of this has been
the parts of me I have kept hidden for so much of my life. I have chosen for many years to
dance to the tune of this reality and in a way that has been dis-empowering. So, no fun at
all and loads of judgement. And the person who has judged me the most? Me. I have
spent way too much time dis-empowering myself and I am so glad to acknowledge how
much this has changed.
Finally, MENT. What is it I am MENT to be and do here? What action is now required?
What action is required of ME to be the POWER I truly be? It will look different for each of
us. It will show up differently for each of us.

What do you know that you don’t even know that you know?
What could you, embracing your own personal EMPOWERMENT, show up like for you?
As I have asked a few questions today, tomorrow we will look at asking and what this is
about as in Access we are encouraged to ask questions ALL the time. Till tomorrow.