There is so much more to Access Consciousness that I would like to take this moment to share with you some of the things that I have chosen that have contributed to me. Some of the things have been a slow burn and others like the wave of a magic wand. Where to start?

FREE stuff
There is lots of free stuff, besides these 30 days, on Youtube. It’s all very easy to find. Dr Dain Heer in particular regularly uploads snippets of how he’s using the tools of Access Consciousness on a day to day basis. In particular, there is his ‘Tour of Consciousness’.
You can find interviews with Gary Douglas. There is Simone Milasis, Donnielle Carter, Shannon O’Hara, Gary’s stepdaughter and so many more. All free. all you have to do is pop Access Consciousness into the search bar in Youtube and then follow the trail of breadcrumbs till your heart’s content.

I have many, many books and lots of Access ones. These are a few of my favourite

  1. Right Body For You – The first Access book I ever read and the one that has the most scribblings and post-it notes all the way through it. I had been looking for a different way to engage with my body and found it in this book: https://
  2. Smudge & friends – I’ve mentioned Smudge before in these blogs. I love this little
    book and how some of the tools have been created with children in mind. this
    book is super colourful and so easy to follow: https://–
  3. Joy of Business – Another of the Access books of mine that has loads of post-it
    notes all over it. I just love it and regularly dip into it: https://
  4. Being You Changing the World – No book list would be complete without
    mentioning this best selling book written by Dr Dain Heer. So many topics
    covered and so many tools between the covers of this fab book: https://

Once in the shop you can browse around till your heart’s content..

Again there are so many courses I will start at the very beginning. I hear that it’s a
very good place to start. (And yes, I am a big fan of the Sound of Music.)

1. Access Bars®
THE place to start with anything Access, in my opinion is Access Bars®. If you would like to know more before you choose the full day course then I will be holding regular ‘Intro to Access Bars’ online workshops. This is a bit of a try before you invest in the full on thing.

Access Bars® practitioner training
This is the one day, all singing, all dancing training day that changed my life. I am super enthusiastic about this. It is for anyone who wishes to explore what a contribution this may be in their lives. Some people choose this for themselves and their families. Others choose this as a way to begin a therapy practice. Others choose this as something to add into their existing therapy practice.

2. Foundation®
This is a four day deep dive into you and what you desire to have clarity about. I have taken and facilitated this course many times and it doesn’t cease to amaze me the change that people experience form participating in one of these. It is required that you have done a Bars training day before you can participate. At the present moment, we facilitators are being allowed to offer these four days online. Once lockdown is lifted we will be back to doing this in person.

3. Access Consciousness Facelift
A one day training similar to the Access Bars training where you can learn the different hand positions for facilitating this with individual friends, family members and clients. This one day training fully compliments the Access Bars® modality.
And there is so much more. Individual facilitators focus on different aspects of our lives and living offering courses focusing on business, on money, on relationships etc.
The best place to find something that is going to resonate with you is to go to the access Consciousness website and take a good look around. Access have courses being held all over the world all of the time.
If once you have taken a look you’re not sure of something then, by all means, be in touch
with me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, that is if I know the information.

It’s our final day together tomorrow of this series of 30 days of Access tools in April.
How does it get any better than this?