My desire for you is that you begin to realise that these tools are a way to set you free from what ever you have chosen to make yourself a slave to. I wonder what was on your list of why you can’t be happy? What did you fill in the blanks with? What are the lies that you’ve been telling you about you and not being able to be happy?
These tools are yours to use so that you can create your brand of happiness on a day to day and moment by moment basis, as if by magic.
I have heard it said in Access Consciousness that living and being these tools is more than taking a spa day or a pamper treatment or going on a retreat. These tools are a way for you to discover and uncover you in this frenetic and often pressurised world, although I wonder just how many of you have found a level of ease since lockdown that you actually wish to continue once lockdown is lifted?
Well, I have a set of four questions, coming up, for you that may open doors that you didn’t know existed for you to open and maintain the level of ease you desire.
As a child did you know that you knew stuff without having to think about it? This will have been different for each of you. Perhaps it was stuff to do with bodies, or animals, or plants or dragons, or fairies, whatever that was for you. This is your awareness. This awareness is still there for you to access.
Do you recall me talking about the archaeological dig that is about you finding you?
Discovering and re-discovering your levels of awareness is part of doing this digging.
A huge part in my opinion.
You, being you, you came into this reality with a level of awareness and magic that a lot of people don’t have. You possibly weren’t raised by people who encouraged you to experience your awareness. Instead, it was about going to school and getting great grades, a good job and often the expectations of our parents.
This also takes me back to you’ve made your bed and now you have to lie in it (Day 14) as though once you’ve decided something, on a course of action or a career path, for instance, that there isn’t any other choice and stuff can’t be changed.
Well, I would like to offer you these next four questions. These four questions were my screen saver on my phone for a very long time. After the question of, “What’s right about this I’m not getting?” (Day 6) these next four are my go-to…
What is this?
What do I do with this?
Can I change it?
If so, how can I change it?

With these questions, I am willing to look at anything and repeatedly ask them on anything that I’m stuck with or consider that I have shackled myself in some way. When you start to function from awareness and magic and kindness and gratitude, instead of judgement and conclusions and projections and other people’s expectations, then doors start to open that you have made yourself blind to. As they open, more awareness comes to you, which gives you more capacity to handle what’s going on with absolutely anyone and anything.
With these tools you don’t lose you. From my experience you actually gain so much more of you. I have become able to choose with so much more ease and kindness for me than I have never been able to do with anything else.
I am now in a position to choose for me even when I know that it may not be ok for someone else. If my choice equals me being fresh and sparkly and ready to create magic then I choose this over any fear, resentment or anger … everyday.
So I will remind you of the questions … What is this? What do I do with this? Can I change this? If yes, how do I change this?
You are the magic and that is the one thing that you are not willing to see. You being you is the magic. Everything that doesn’t work in your life, who created it? Everything that does work in your life, who created it? You did. You. So whatever it is; good, bad or ugly it is your creation. Are you happy with your life? Would you like to change something about your life? Choice. Choice creates awareness and you being more of the magic you truly be creates more for all of us on this planet.
When will you choose to be the magic you truly be? What will it take?