Would you be willing to be the joy you truly be on planet Earth?
In Access Consciousness Gary Douglas says this…
“The greatest toxic waste on the earth is people’s anger, rage, fury, and hate. We have done a whole lot to take from the earth and consume the earth, but not a whole lot to contribute to it.”
Would you be willing to contribute to this planet in a really simple way?
What if you have a level of communion with the earth that you have never acknowledged? Would you be willing to check this exercise out and see what might change for you and this planet?
Back on Day 9 the tool was ‘Who does this belong to? Is this mine or someone else’s?” Well, there’s also this part… “or something else?”
If you get that it’s something else, then in Access we say that there’s something else is the earth.
You may be trying to heal the Earth not actually recognising this. Your body is picking up on all sorts of energies that you are interpreting as, for instance, pain, discomfort, stagnation, depression etc.
What if these sensations may be you trying to heal the earth? Ask a question. Who does this belong to? Is this mine, someone else’s, or something else?
If it’s something else would you be willing to gift this energy to the earth?
The following energy flow is more of an energy throw.
On 1 – gather energy into your hands
On 2 – gather more and more energy
On 3 – as the gathering of energy increases, throw this energy to the earth, to the ground, as you hug a tree, into a river or the sea.
At the moment we don’t have to socially distance from plants, whether in the ground or in pots, from the trees in our gardens or on our walks, or from the grass in our gardens. Don’t have access to any of this? If you live in a flat open a window and throw this energy up to the sky, to the clouds, to the moon, to the sun and do this as often as you require.
Do you have a dog? Does your dog like to chase after a ball or a stick? When you come to throw that ball or stick gather up the energy on 1 and 2 and then throw on 3. I contribute to the earth when I go for my walks, muttering under my breath 1,2,3. left, right-left, 1,2,3. right, left-right, 1,2,3. and imagine that I am sending lightning bolts of past energies back to the earth to be used however the earth wishes to utilize this energy and I can go about my day being present in the moment.