The thymus gland is a gland that can be found in the chest between the lungs. As we age it begins to shrink in size. It forms part of both our lymphatic and endocrine systems. In medicine it’s usage is said to diminish with age. And yet, here we have an exercise that focusses on that thymus gland.
This is a gentle exercise that brings a sense of replenishment and energising to the body.
For me personally this is one of those practices that I love to do outdoors. That said it can be done anywhere, for example, even before you get out of bed.
Let’s start.
If this is the first time that you’ve heard of this then I do suggest that you experience it either sitting or lying down.
Begin with your focus on your left foot. Pull universal energy up through your left foot into your left leg. Pull that energy up your leg past your knees, up to your hips. Then keep pulling and bring that energy up the left side of your body, the back, and front of your body, to your thymus gland in your chest.
Once it reaches your thymus gland ask this energy to exit your body via the right side of your chest and out through your right arm. Ask this energy to keep flowing while we now focus on your right side of your body.
Now bring your focus to your right foot. again pull universal energy, the energy of abundance, up through your right foot. Pull that energy all the way up through your right leg and the right side of your body up to your thymus gland. Once at your thymus gland direct it out of your body through your left arm.
So now you have energy flowing in two directions up your body.
Now it’s time to reverse the energy flows beginning with your right hand. Pull energy through your right hand, your right arm and right side of your chest to the thymus gland and then allow the flow to travel across your thymus gland down the left side of your body, front and back, to your left leg and out to the earth through your left foot.
What comes next? Yes. It’s time to flow energy in through your left arm to your thymus gland and then down the right side of your body and out through your right foot to the earth.
So now we have energy flowing in four directions.
And there’s more.
Through both feet pull energy up both legs into your body to your thymus gland.
Send this energy straight up through your chest and out your head. Finally reverse the flow and pull down through your crown chakra, the top of your head, to your thymus and then down to the Earth.
Energy is now flowing in six directions through your body.
Once you have this sequence it is very easy to switch it on by saying … Thymus exercise, please run.
This energy flow allows your body to align in totality with your vibration as the being you be on this planet of ours.
I love to do this standing in my garden.
I really love to do this standing or sitting or lying on a beach with the sound and the smell of the sea contributing it’s energy during this exercise.
Again this is something for you to play with as and when you get this will work for you.
So don’t be having any fun with this. Till tomorrow.