In Access Consciousness we talk about following the energy. It’s where we become detectives, super sleuths of facilitating you by using the tools we have available to us in Access Consciousness. And as I’m sure that you’re noticing we have one or two really quite incredible tools. Some will resonate with you more than others depending on what is going on for you. For example, asking questions. We ask questions in a way that allows the universe to contribute to us.
Energy exists in the whole universe. and you can use energy to work with you and you can also use energy … the big reveal … to work against you. Of course I’ve never done that.

What do I mean by this?
You can choose to vibrate from an energy of limitation and refuse to receive anything and everything that the universe is offering you, How many of you have settled for less than you? I know that this is what I was doing. I was refusing to be the calm, the ease and the joy I truly be.
So, right now I ask you, “How much energy are you using not to be the joyful, generative expression of life called you? A lot, or a little?” This isn’t me wanting you to make yourself right or wrong. It’s more an acknowledgement that you sense something isn’t working for you and you are ready to change that.
You can choose to vibrate from an energy of unlimited possibilities that could gift you everything that you have ever desired, what ever those desires look like for you. Don’t choose this though. Don’t choose joy and loveliness and kindness. No, no, no. You stay right where you are with your joyless point of view, living as a pathetic pile of poo.
I jest, just to get you going.
What if you choose joy? What might this create in your world? Joy and pathetic can’t co-exist. What if you could experience energy the way a child does? What if you could play with these tools with a child-like curiosity and wonder?
When I began on this adventure of discovering me and digging myself out from under all the piles of poo I’d chosen to live with I heard Deepak Chopra say that we are born human beings and we become human doings and human stressings, with most of our thoughts, feelings and emotions being exactly the same as the ones we had yesterday.
I then began on the journey of becoming more present and more conscious. I began to play with the places, and still do, where I’m coming to conclusion and therefore limiting the energy that is available to me to create from. Living in the present means you follow the energy as it is presented to you and you deal with that. How? Ask a question, use a tool and top of the list, CHOICE.
A question for you – What energy, space and consciousness can I be to be the totality of what I be with total ease and joyful child-like wonder?
Whatever you wish to create in your life, you’ve got to be the energy that makes that occur. Nothing occurs in your life without your energy in it.
I will leave that one with you.
How does it get any better than this playmates?