All of Life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory!®

This is the mantra of Access Consciousness. What is a mantra? It is something that you say over and over that changes something in your life, lots of things in your life even.
How often do you ask for other people to have an easier life? How often do you actually ask for you to have an easier life? This is the reason for the mantra: ‘ALL OF LIFE COMES TO ME WITH EASE AND JOY AND GLORY’ – so that you would start the process of asking for you.
This mantra could unlock your capacities and instead of asking for other people to have an easier life you now could be a contribution to yourself and then to other people. This mantra may be the thing that assists you to become aware of change that is truly possible.

All of Life – the good, the bad and the ugly, what would it take for all of life to come to you with ease and joy and glory?

What is ease? Ease is the space of everything is cool. Ease just occurs. Ease is, “you’ve got this”. Ease is, it’s alright. Ease is everything is good, just as it is.

Joy has a sense of peace about. Joy isn’t about being a Tigger although you can of course be a Tigger if this is truly you. Joy for me is who I truly be in every moment of my life, without apology.

Glory is the exuberant expression of abundance. With glory for me has come an expression of generosity as well. Want my last Rolo? It’s yours. How come? I know that if I can be abundant in this 10 seconds and gift you something then I can be abundant in the next 10 seconds and gift even more, both to myself and to you.

It’s a mantra, ‘All of Life Comes to Me with Ease and Joy and Glory!®’, and we say this 10 times in a morning and 10 times in an evening. We do this everyday and again the ease that becomes you, begins to change your life. You have to ‘do’ this for change to happen.
I know that by now some of you are trying to figure this stuff out. By trying to figure stuff out you are creating limits to what can be gifted to you by the universe. Instead, please would you just do it? And then somewhere down the line would you let me know what changes for you?

Ease, joy and glory as the magic of you in life. Magic is truly what you are when you’re being you. By you choosing this and choosing to be more of you, you then inspire others to choose something different and more magical for them.

I ask that you use the tools to the best of your ability, no more, no less and no judgement from me. I invite you have fun with this tool. Teach it too your children and see what changes. A little? A lot?

What if all of life could come to you with ease and joy and glory, would you be willing to choose this?