Hands up. How many of you have a body?
Hands up again. How many of you include your body in everything that you do?
Final time. Hands up. Those of you who ask your body questions on a regular basis and choose to listen?
Please note that the only time I had my hands up was with number one. I have a body. It is a very physical and a finite thing in this reality. I have been practicing Access Consciousness now for over six years and I’m still not including my body in everything I do, consciously.
What would it take to change that? A few days ago now I asked this question on Facebook… “If this was the last five minutes of lockdown, what’s the one thing you wish you’d done during lock down? For me I got an overwhelming sense of now more than ever is the time that I fully committed to listening to what my body is saying to me. And there’s more.
We’ve been in Corona Virus lock down now for some time and I got to Bank Holiday
Monday and my body had had enough of me taking it for granted. I woke up on Monday morning and the first thing that came to me was to weigh myself. Uh-oh!
After a trip to the loo I did just that and I can see why my body wished to show me what it’s and my weight was. Now I could judge me for what I’ve done, and not that long ago I would have done just that, cos isn’t that we do when we‘ve stepped on the scales? Berated me for not consciously eating, for eating portions way bigger than my body required and so on.
Now when I am open and willing to listen to my body I receive the information that it is giving me and I choose from that moment, in that 10 seconds. It is so easy to ignore the messages that our body is attempting to communicate until and unless we experience discomfort of some sort.
On Monday I destroyed and uncreated my relationship with my own body. (I mentioned destroy and uncreate on Day 15 of these blogs.) I chose to consciously tune in and begin to ask it more questions.
I apologised to her for not listening, for not trusting her and acknowledged her in that moment. I also thanked her for having my back. Again this has taken practice over the years. What would it take for me (and you) to be the walking, talking consciousness in every moment that is truly possible for me/us be with our bodies?
I have been ignoring my body. I haven’t been giving her a voice. I haven’t been allowing her to be the contribution I know that she is so willing to be. I acknowledge how my body has so much allowance for me and what I choose, no right, no wrong.
What are the infinite possibilities available to me now?
I sat with my body and we had a conversation about the magic that she truly is. What is required here? What can I be and do different? What action is required? Time for some nurturing time. Time for my body. Time for my soul.
Time for Golden time where I honour and feed my body the kindness she truly desires. And finally, it’s time to move my body like never before. As yet I haven’t established what that looks like. I’m getting that it can be different every day. Some days indoors and other days outdoors.
I am also inspired by the very sweet Captain Tom Moore and his hundred laps of his garden raising funds for the NHS. When my body saw what Tom was doing she sighed, a sure sign that this is something that she would like me to be doing. Thanks for the inspiration Captain Tom.
So, before I see you tomorrow I’m off to ‘do a Tom’. Bye for now.