Before the days of Access Consciousness I discovered a tool for myself. When I began to learn what Access was about and attending courses I discovered that this is a something that Access also use.
What is this? Stop It! Just Stop It.
Again this was something I started to use at night and occasionally during the day when my racing brain would swamp me with the wrongness of me, the things I hadn’t done that might be considered ‘useful’ and basically all the points of view that weren’t mine and weren’t serving me at all.
I initially began using this along with affirmations as I hadn’t heard of Access at that time. For instance, when I recognised that there was nothing of anything positive on my train of thought I would imagine holding up my left hand, as though I were a policeman, and demand that the train come to a halt. I would then repeat an affirmation that I had read about in a Louise Hay book. Only this didn’t work all that well for me. The train would be still for a while and then gather speed and get going again loaded with a million chattering chimps. Crazy!
And then Access Consciousness provided me with something else. A different choice. A different possibility. This isn’t to make any other modality right or wrong. I’m sharing with you what has worked with me and if this is an invitation to you and if you wish to choose this then great. If you don’t, as you have discovered something that works for you, that is great also.
So, back to the train … When my train of thought started on it’s journey of wrongness,
judgement and conclusion I would imagine holding up my left hand and demanding that it stopped. Now! Stop IT! Stop IT! This is not who I be. I now choose to stop judging me and what else is possible here? Ahhh, ask a question.
The train was still rumbling ready to get going again. Stop IT! I commit to me and my life. How does it get any better than this? Another question. And if the chimps insisted that they had the right to be heard I would counter with, “Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and Nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be,” repeated as often as required.
If I have to use this these days the chimps give up very quickly and I’m usually asleep without having to say more than three repetitions if I can even recall in the morning how many times I was aiming to repeat it for.
What if you let nothing and no one stop you from being you? Including you?
What might this create?
With ease, joy, glory, magic and gratitude for all you be.