First of all I am going to ask you to Destroy and Uncreate who you were yesterday.
What does this do? It energetically creates your reality as of now rather than you trying to live your life from your past.
Destroy and uncreate the relationship you have with yourself, with your body, with your family, with your friends, with me and these recordings, with your business and anything else you wish to.
By doing this you are divorcing what was and then you get to create brand new
every day. For me this is wiping clean the metaphorical whiteboard I was using
yesterday and now today I can function from today’s tasks rather than yesterday’s. We
are constantly trying to get our ducks in a row. Everything lined up based on what we did or didn’t do yesterday.
Right now the majority of you are trying to live from your past as though it was relevant. What if everything you did in the past was only a limited point of view and everything you choose for the future is an unlimited point of view.
Where would you prefer to choose from – the menu of the past or the choice for the future? What if I said to you that the past doesn’t mean anything? Would you be willing to destroy and uncreate all of that? I know there will be a lot of objections to this. I get it. I’ve been there. Again this is the logical way we are taught to be.
When you wake up in the morning ask, “Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures am I going to have?”
One day I asked this question and I got that I had to look up becoming a certified facilitator, CF, with Access Consciousness®. I had no idea what was actually involved in becoming a CF.
I then had to start looking into this and from the initial inkling I spent ten months on an adventure that culminated in me going to Rome and doing my first training. there were so many steps and i’m often asked how I did it. I put one foot in front of the other. I asked question after question. I followed the awarenesses as they came up. I also battled the judgements that flowed using an assortment of the tools and processes of Access.
What if nothing about your life was real or true? Then what choice do you have? Choose what works for you at all times. Then you’ll have the life you’d really like to have. You never assume you have the universe and reality that could generate it all yourself, you look to someone else who you consider knows more than you. You have to get that you have never failed at anything you have really wanted to do.
If you really choose for your reality and your awareness, you can generate anything and actualise anything. You won’t believe in you because you like to have the excuse for why your life is not working.
Infinite choice is the most valuable item. You have been choosing what the world considers valuable as the most valuable item.
You buy that there are people who are better than you, and that you are not good enough to have everything you want in life. Would you now destroy and uncreate that and ask, Who am I and what grand and glorious adventure am I going to have now?