“What would be a contribution to me and my body in this 10 seconds?” This is a question
that I shared with you yesterday.
Living in 10 seconds increments is a tool that I had to play with for quite some time before I got the energy of what this is about and what this would create as different for me, taking me out of making so much significant in my life.
This tool is about choosing beyond conclusion and what we consider a right or a wrong choice. What if a choice is just a choice. Not right or wrong? If you ask in 10 second increments you are open to having infinite choices open up for you. Choice is choice, not good or bad or right or wrong.
Asking in 10-second increments is about asking for a world of more choice to open up to us, a world of infinite possibilities – not something that we are encouraged to do in this reality.
Have you heard the saying, “Now you’ve made your bed, you have to lie in it.” Is this light or heavy for you when you hear this? For me this is heavy. There is no lightness for me with this statement and there is no question here either.
With choosing in 10-second increments there is generative energy of choice and possibility way more spacious than the judgement. conclusion, projection and expectation of, “You’ve made your bed and now you have to lie in it”.
In this 10 seconds will this choice create my future or will it decay my future? is a great
question to ask i.e. not solidify your future with’ “Well I’ve made my bed and now I’d better lie in it,” as though this has to be a forever thing. As though the is no other choice available to you.
If you’ve made a bed and don’t choose to lie in it what will people think? We are always looking for ways to be right or wrong based on other people’s projections and expectations based on what? Their points of view, which are based on what? Other people’s points of view.
It’s like a game of Chinese whispers.
When I began to look at my life from the point of view of living in 10-second increments I
began to release so many of the judgements I had perceived as mine. This tool gave me the option to live from a place of ease and more question, rather than conclusion. What would be a contribution to me in this 10 seconds? To stop and breath? Ok, that 10-seconds is over. Now what? To look up and watch a bird fly by? Ok, that 10 seconds is up.
Now what? To check in with my body and ask if it requires anything? Ok, that 10-seconds is up. Now what? To wash the dirty dishes even though I didn’t dirty them? That 10-seconds is over. Now what? To take a walk.? Ok, that 10 seconds is over. Now what? To repeat the mantra of Access, ‘All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory’, 10 times? And so on and so on.
Living as 10-second increments gets me out of my headspace, that place of functioning
from a limited mindset of logically trying to figure stuff out and instead into a space of ease and choice and more choice and more choice.
These are tools that if you use them everyday, every day, your whole life may change. This is my go to tool when I am procrastinating about anything. How does it get any better than this playmates?