In 2015 I was in London for an Access Consciousness course, Right Voice for You. On the Friday night of the weekend that I was there, the bombing in Paris occurred.
The next day, Saturday, in London was dire. The weather was awful. The day was
like night time it was so dark and it was raining heavily and incessantly. Many of the participants on the course were French and Parisians. They were devastated. The mood that morning in London was very sombre and I found it really difficult to find my calm and any morsel of joy.
The morning on the course, no matter what was said or how many times I heard the clearing statement, dragged on and on and all I wanted to do was get out of the building we were in.
As soon as lunch was declared I was out of there. I didn’t want to be with anyone. I started to walk the streets of London close to where we were, close to the River Thames and not that far from Covent Garden.
As I walked I was asking for a tool or question that would lift me out this funk I was in and all the other peoples worlds I was aware off. All of the weight and the heaviness of it all. I walked for ages. All the cafes were rammed with people escaping the weather. The place I was staying in was 40 minutes walk from the venue and suddenly I realised I was outside my flat.
I stood looking at the front door of that flat for what felt like ages with the rain pounding down incessantly. If I went into the flat would I leave to go back to the course? No I wouldn’t. So what to do? I got that asking this question was what was required, “What would be a contribution to me and my body in this 10 seconds?” and “What else would be a contribution?”
I turned around and began to walk back towards the venue only I was going back a different way to the way I had walked towards my accommodation. I looked up at the black sky and silently asked, “Universe would you show me something beautiful please?”
I walked and I wasn’t entirely sure where I was. I could see the river and knew that if I walked along the main road all the while with the river over to my right then I would find my way back to the venue.
I stopped outside a large building. I was outside Somerset House a building I hadn’t seen before. There were a lot of people around in spite of the weather. I followed them slowly through an archway into an inner square. “Universe would you show me something beautiful, please?”.
Once inside the square I saw that there was an ice rink set up. There were very few people braving the elements and taking to the ice. I stood there and asked again, “Universe would you show me something beautiful please?” As I looked around a group of young men walked past me chatting among themselves. “What do you want to do this for?”, this being the skating. “For fun” came his friends response. The friend was wearing a bright yellow waterproof jacket. He looked like Big Bird from Sesame Street. Several moments later he appeared on the ice rink and began skating around the rink very confidently. His friends didn’t join him. I watched as the bright yellow waterproof, Big Bird lookalike moved around that ice rink standing out so brightly against the blackness of the day and something in me
shifted so profoundly and for the first time that day I smiled and took a deep breath. walked away from the ice rink and it occurred to me that me being sad and upset wasn’t going to serve anyone, especially not me.
I went into one of the chain cafes and ordered myself a hot chocolate to take away. I couldn’t have sat down if I wanted to as they were bursting at the seams anyway. As I took that hot chocolate I began a conversation, with the barista, that I knew in that moment was a contribution to both of us as we laughed and chatted together. He ended up not charging me for that hot chocolate as he said that my conversation was the first one he had that day that hadn’t been serious and he had actually laughed.
Universe show me something beautiful can be one of those simple things to ask and the universe will do it’s best to gift you something of beauty. It may not show up the way you think it should. What you have to do is be present and willing to receive the gift when it’s shown to you.
What would it take for you to acknowledge the abundant Universe and the gifts available to you right now? What would it take?
Thank you my beautiful playmates. Thank you for being the gifts that you be. I will be
back again tomorrow.