POC and POD are taken from the Access Consciousness® clearing statement. In the
APP – ‘Who does this belong to?’, this is mentioned.
The clearing statement is particular to Access Consciousness. It is a string of words
that co-founders Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer have brought into this reality. The
clearing statement gets to the places, energetically, where we have created our
limitations and goes to those places (and boy oh boy have we been to many places
energetically and stuck ourselves, or is that just me?) and begins to unravel them.
To listen to the full clearing statement you can take a look and have a listen to Dr
Dain Heer talking about this here … www.theclearingstatement.com
This is weird AND wonderful all at the same time.
Again, like so many of the other tools in Access Consciousness, this isn’t logical. If you
could have logically figured out what’s not working for you in your life, might you
thinking about stuff have sorted this out by now? Except, in my experience this isn’t
the case.
In this episode I will focus on the POC and POD of the clearing statement.
POC – The Point of Creation – The creation of the sticky-icky and the heaviness of
the limitations that we choose.
POD – The Point of Destruction – The destruction of the judgements we create that
negate any awareness that we have.
Imagine that you are wanting to change something or shift something that you know
is a problem in your life. Get a sense of something that you don’t have ease with right
now. Take a look at this problem. How big is this problem right now? Now take a look
at it as though it were a house built from a pack of cards. By using this tool of POC
and POD, POC and POD, POC and POD – say it 3 times – it’s as though you are pulling
the bottom card out of the house of cards and the house falls down. Suddenly the
problem and the significance, really isn’t as big or as challenging as you first thought
it was or thought that it had to be. You can POC and POD anything and everything
that you view is a limitation right now.
There is a lovely, colourful children’s book in the Access Consciousness book shop
called ‘The Adventures of Smudge and friends’.
I love this book. It’s colourful and creates some of the tools of Access in such a
simple way. In this book, that has been created essentially for children, POC and POD
are portrayed as ninjas that can be called on to come and assist you in destroying
and uncreating areas in life where the stickiness is occurring and you’re choosing to
ignore your awarenesses.
What is the value of creating you as less than you truly be? Would you be willing to
let go of that now? POC and POD, POC and POD, POC and POD.