LIGHT – What’s true for you creates a lightness in your being. For me this is seeing
the world with childlike wonder and curiosity where I perceive the possibilities that
are available to me. I invite you to this also.
With lightness there is a beauty and a greatness to you that you haven’t been willing
to acknowledge. I wonder what would it take to change this now?
For me I am happy for what appears to be absolutely no reason at all and this is the
lightness of me. I am present with me and I am kind to me.
A question I ask myself is “Truth, will this be a contribution to me?”. Before I’ve
finished asking, an awareness, a whisper of what is light for me, comes to me. Social
Isolation, rather than just social distancing, comes to mind. At this moment, in this 10
seconds, social isolation is a contribution to me and my body. At this time this is
more to do with hay fever. My body lets me know that there is a lot of tree pollen in
the air and that right now staying indoors is a really good idea for me. It also happens
to coincide with the world wide pandemic.
What is light and true for me doesn’t necessarily make it that for you. Social isolation,
for instance, may not be ok for you and getting out everyday,for the recommended
one hour, more of a contribution to you. Just don’t break the rules at this moment in
time. Stay safe.
I get how this may not be easy for you, as it’s not supposed to be easy in this reality
to just know what you know. We are supposed to spend our lives trying to work
things out, being logical, using our heads, our minds and our thoughts.
HEAVY – What’s heavy for you is a lie or isn’t your point of view. This creates a
stickiness or maybe it is an indication that you’re looking in the wrong direction. At
some point you may have bought into the lie that because it appears to be a part of
you, even if you feel heavy – all the freak out, the crazy, the insanity of this reality – it’s
as though this is you. And what if it doesn’t have to be this way?
Have you ever, perhaps as a teenager, been caught lazing around, quite happily, and
then told that you are lazy? You then carry this with you as thought it’s true and real
for you. Is it though?
When you get that something is heavy in your world then this is the time to proceed
with caution, take a moment and ask a question. What is this? What next?
If this is a beyond for you, I get it. It was for me too initially. I ask that you give this a
go and acknowledge what is lighter for you. If you havn’t done anything like this
before would you be willing to be kind to you and gently practice this? Even if
something lightens up by 0.0001% , acknowledge that it’s a shift.
How about this … What is lighter for you …
Truth, my body likes to drink petrol? When I ask my body this question, my throat
tightens up and there’s a sense of retching in my stomach. My nose wrinkles in
distaste at the thought of the smell of it. There’s a heaviness and in the past I would
have interpreted this as a tiredness.
Truth, my body likes to drink water? This question creates a sigh of ease in my body
and my mouth begins to salivate. There is a lightness which I would interpret here as
a sense of being more alive and energised.
What is true for you will make you lighter and what is heavy for you is a lie.
How does it get any better than this?