This tool works hand in hand with the last one ‘Who Does This Belong to?’.
This tool may be a step too far for some of you as have some or most or all of the previous tools. and yet what have you got to lose by using it? Oh yeah, you may lose some or all of your fears, anxieties, stresses – perhaps? You have choice here.
Back to ‘Return to Sender’, how to use this and what this is about.
At this moment in time with all the advice about social distancing it occurred to me that this is a tool that you can choose to socially distance you from other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. Unlike the social distancing of Corona Virus, this is one form of social distancing that you can use long after the Virus has run it’s course.
We are so conditioned to accept that every thought, feeling and emotion must be ours because we perceive it as so real, true and heavy for us.
When I started with Access Consciousness somewhere in one of the many books I read or one of the courses I attended I heard/read something that went along the lines of, “When you feel tired, just return it to sender, thank your body and start breathing again.” What did I have to loose. I began to do this a lot and along with other tools and procedures the chronic tiredness lifted and I felt as though I could breathe again and breathe like I hadn’t been doing for years and years.
When you return to sender you are returning a problem that was never yours to handle in the first place, which may go some way to explain what isn’t working for you. You don’t heal a pain or reduce an anxiety by taking it on. And neither can the other person or people because on some energetic level they are still experiencing it too.
By asking questions – “Is this mine or someone else’s?” or “Who does this belong to?” and then Returning to Sender you are undoing energetic knots and kinks that you have decided must be yours because they appear as so real and true for you. Try this. Again what have you got to lose except perhaps years of pain, suffering, and goryness?
One of the things that people say to me when I ask them to return to sender, especially if they have had an awareness of a person e.g. their mother or other relatives, is that they don’t want to do this because it seems unfair on that person. I say if you don’t then they don’t get the opportunity to be free of whatever it is and neither do you.
At the end of the day this all about choice. The choice to carry on as you are or the choice to change something that isn’t working for you. By returning to sender you are benefiting, on some level, everyone that is enmeshed in the energetic knots and kinks of the situation.
What would you like to choose now?