Coaching Sessions

In private coaching sessions with Deva Empowerment, you receive the valuable tools and techniques required to build your mental strength. We will get curious, ask questions, and choose action to be taken to take you from stress and overwhelm to tranquillity and resilience. Are you ready to be extraordinarily empowered and transformed?

Which of the following programme options suits you best?

Ultimate Empowerment Programme Five 45-minute Zoom calls

This 5 session programme is for you if you know that you are sick and tired of hitting the self- destruct stress button. What would your life be like if you ditched the limiting beliefs and gained tools and techniques to positively support the mood swings, irritability and anxiety? Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, dig deep and invest time with me as we deep dive and change your problems to possibilities. Are you ready to discover the resilient, mentally strong and energised being you truly be?

Upgrade Transformation Programme Three 45-minute Zoom calls

Created for you if you already know the areas in your life where you are tired of feeling unhappy, confused and stuck. You are ready to explore what this is and upgrade your energy and your zest for life. We schedule three 45-minute consecutive Zoom calls, one per week, to get you moving quickly and eliminate your stated limiting beliefs faster than you can achieve on your own. What else is possible for you now?

Kick-Start Clarity Session One 45-minute Zoom call

A one-off clarity session.

You know that you have a specific issue, you are aware of the limiting beliefs and yet you can’t get the clarity you desire.

Or you may have already had several sessions and this time simply require a maintenance call.

These programmes are for people who are serious about changing their life, their mental health and truly desire improved mental strength. You will receive tools and techniques that have helped people the world over improve their sleep patterns, mood swings, anxiety levels, coping strategies, and more.

At Deva Empowerment we are not doctors and cannot diagnose, treat, claim to cure or prevent any disease based on any information that you divulge. If you are experiencing a severe mental health episode, we cannot treat you. If you require urgent attention you must consult with your GP first.

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Always seek appropriate assistance.