Your One to One Bespoke Coaching Choices

In one-2-one coaching sessions with Deva Empowerment, you receive the valuable tools and techniques required to take you from mental stress to mental strength. We will get curious, ask questions, and choose action to be taken to take you from stress and overwhelm to tranquillity and resilience.

Are you ready to choose?

If you are unsure of the number of sessions you require, or you are unsure if this is for you, please contact Denise Oliver via and ask for an initial free chat with Denise and we can arrange an appointment.

Here are your options:


Empowerment Programme

12 Sessions – £990


You’re the type of person who knows that there is more to life than hitting the self-destruct button of being mentally stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Perhaps you’ve lost sight of who you truly are?  Perhaps you look in the mirror and wonder what on earth happened to you? Where did you go?

You are you ready to roll up your sleeves, dig deep and invest in you and don’t yet know where to begin with the change you desire.

At Deva Empowerment we believe in taking women in their midlife from being mentally stressed about the rest of their lives to finding the ease and calm that they require to live their best and most empowered life.

At Deva we take you from mental stress to mental strength using the tools of Access Consciousness®

We believe in you. We believe that you can change and discover what your life is all about.

Are you ready to discover the resilient, mentally strong and energised woman and being that you truly be? Are you with us?


Transformation Programme

4 Sessions – £320


You are tired of feeling unhappy, confused, doubting yourself in some areas of your life and finding that this is impacting other areas. At Deva Empowerment we believe that it is possible to live beyond the doubt that is causing you stress and sleepless nights to you showing up with courage and a much bolder heart.

You may have already begun to explore what this is from reading books or choosing from other modalities and now you are ready for a further upgrade in your energy and your zest for life.

Here at Deva Empowerment we believe in you and the transformation that you are seeking. Are you ready?


Clarity Session

One Session – £90

A one-off Clarity Session for you when you know that you have a specific issue. You are aware of the limiting beliefs and yet you can’t get the clarity you desire. Before you stress yourself further with this issue choose a one time clarity session before you sink into despair.

Or you may have already had several sessions with Deva Empowerment and this time simply require a maintenance call on a specific topic that you know is energetically limiting you.


These programmes are for people who are serious about changing their life, their mental health and truly desire improved mental strength. You will receive tools and techniques that have helped people the world over improve their sleep patterns, mood swings, anxiety levels, coping strategies, and more.

At Deva Empowerment we are not doctors and cannot diagnose, treat, claim to cure or prevent any disease based on any information that you divulge. If you are experiencing a severe mental health episode we cannot treat you. If you require urgent attention you must consult with your GP first. 

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Always seek appropriate assistance.



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