Dear You

I would love for you to stop everything right now and celebrate you. How? Well, any way you wish. With a glass of bubbly stuff. Dance around the kitchen. Burn your bra. Oh wait, we’ve done that one!

I would like to encourage you to be aware of where you are limiting you and your potential so that you fit in in some way that really isn’t you and isn’t in your best interest.

Who would you be if you unlocked your true potential. How many doors would unlock and show you where there are possibilities where once you thought only of limitations. Celebrate You.

What would it take for us to see the world as a wondrous place rather than there always
having to be a sense of foreboding?

Dear You, instead of constantly looking to find yourself what if you began to create you in all
the glitz, glamour and sparkle that you truly be?

Now will you celebrate you? Now will you celebrate your own brand of weird, wonderful and

I choose to celebrate you and your uniqueness. Will you join me?

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With ease, joy, glory, smiles and possibilities,

Denise x