Many years ago now I discovered that I didn’t breathe effectively.

Now you may say that breathing is breathing.

Your body does this without you having to be ‘present’ with it.

It allows oxygen in and carbon dioxide out.

Unfortunately when we are stressed, overwhelmed or depressed, or for that matter experiencing any number of other illnesses and ailments, we don’t breathe on purpose. Our breathing is all over the place and we lose touch with the natural rhythm of the life force that is our breath.

What did I discover about my breathing?

As an avid reader I read all sorts of books and information. One day a friend recommended a book on breathing that she’d been recommend by her yoga teacher. She knew that I loved yoga and wondered if this book would be one for me. The book is called ‘The Breathing Book’, by Donna Farhi.

From this book I discovered that I was ‘Reverse Breathing’. When I read that this type of breathing, ie I was using the diaphragm in the wrong way, could lead to brain confusion and uncoordinated movements leading to clumsiness, I was all in to get this sorted.

By unconsciously restricting your breath you have gone into survival mode. Guess what? This is very stressful for the body. You may have the sensation that you’re in a hurry and even say that you’re like a hamster in a wheel, thoughts, feelings and emotions going around your body and you getting nowhere except more stressed.

When we breathe well, on purpose, we thrive. Our bodies recognise one of the components of healthy body and mental well-being in these on purpose breaths.

When a client chooses an Access Bars® session, after they have lain down, I ask them to breath. I will, with consent, pop my hand over their abdomen and check that when they breath in their belly rises and when they breath out their belly flattens. The reverse breathing that I did was the opposite of this and so created a strange sensation of not really being sure when I was breathing.

Experiencing a Bars session often creates deep breathing. For the first time in a long time a body relaxes and deep breathing is one of the things the body has space to do.

One of the conditions that can severely affect breathing is PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. This is where I believe my reverse breathing was set up. PTSD is most often associated with war veterans who have experienced very stressful situations during their time of duty.

It is my belief that PTSD can happen during any stressful encounters. For me I would say the car accidents I experienced over several years set this up. Thankfully finding Access Bars® plus practicing breathing techniques have resolved the stress and trauma that my body was holding onto. I am so grateful for this.

Every single cell of our body requires oxygen to be alive. The way that we get oxygen to the cells is via the breathing process. If you consider that you may have a disrupted breathing pattern, while not a named diagnosis, you may benefit from learning how to breath on purpose rather than relying on your body to just get on with it. I’m certain that every single one of your trillions of cells would really appreciate this.

If you have any form of stress, overwhelm or depression then spend some time looking at breathing techniques and why not consider having a session of Access Bars®? This may bring some relief to you, your body and your stress levels. Oh it may also change your life.

You can book an Access Bars® session here.

Sending you ease, joy, gratitude, glory and magic.

Denise x