This week on my radio show, Empowerment Hour, it has been my privilege to welcome Cara Wright.  Cara is an American living in Washington State, Pacific North West, near Seattle. She is also a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness.

 We talked about lots of things. Being in lockdown. Using the Zoom platform. What being different means for her. Yoga and being a Doula. Baby Talk.

 I wonder what does being different mean to you?  Do you consider that everyone else is the same way that you are? Do you celebrate your difference or hide the different that you be? Is it possible for you to recognise that you may be wired differently to the person next to you and this may just be the different that the planet requires right now? You may not even be sure who you are right now. Using the tools of Access Consciousness may help you choose for you and allow you to be the difference you be. There is no right or wrong here and you may make choices that make other people very uncomfortable. How does it get any better than this? What future would you like to have? How curious are you to find out?

 Getting pregnant was something that didn’t happen for Cara and she found this depressing and stressful especially being around pregnant women all the time. What to do when the pregnancy plan doesn’t work and you hit rock bottom? When you realise that you are actively destroying your marriage because you think that your husband deserves more than you can give him.

 Enter a good friend who suggests watching Dr Dain Heer, experiencing Access Bars® and attending The Foundation.  The Bars® changes us physically and mentally. Our whole lives can change. A level of relief that can be experienced as it creates a sense of something else being possible.

 Taking Bars® to pregnant women was Cara’s next step. Cara found that running Bars with women in labour began to reduce the time that they were in labour for.  When the mum gets her Bars® run the babies also benefit.

 At this time Cara began to recognise that she could perceive the energy of the baby as the being that it is. This is where she realised just how different she is and that not everyone can do what she does. She recognised that the baby would be communicating with it’s mum and the mum didn’t realise this.

Enter Baby Talk, a way of being in communication with the being that is the baby. Cara knew that she was aware of the baby and the mum. She could connect with the baby and ask it to contribute to the birth. The babies are as involved with the birth as the mum. Cara would receive images from the baby which initially she didn’t want to believe. What else is possible with mums and babies that we’ve been told can’t be possible? It is also possible that the baby will be more connected to its daddy than its mummy and this is something that Cara has the ability to communicate.

 Energy is fascinating. Cara says that there is an elegance to consciousness that amazes her, with no limit to the magic that can be created.

 If you would like to find out more about Cara and Baby Talk then please find her website at Baby Talk can be conducted via Zoom if this is something that you would like to know more about.

 Cara, I am so grateful to you for sharing with us all the gift that is Baby Talk and the Access tools. How does it get any better than this?

 With ease, Denise xx