If there’s one thing that I know about me is that I have listened to far too many of other people’s rules. How about you?

I have bought into, as though they were actually mine, the lies, the lines and the limitations that other people have chosen to live their lives by. Why would I do this? Because I was trying very hard to fit in to the expectations of this reality rather than creating my own reality.

How did this work out for me? Hmmm. Shall we say it didn’t work out at all well when it came to my mental health and wellbeing which impacted my physical health and wellbeing.

You should do this. You should do that. You should bring your children up like this. You should bring your children up like that. For such a long time I strived to fulfill the expectations of other people only to find out that they didn’t do anything that they suggested I should do. Exasperation!

We have so many rules and expectations projected at us by many people. Some are well meaning and yet others just like the sound of their own voices and spouting absolute drivel, is now my point of view. 

What does the B stand for? It stands for BULLSHIT. And don’t people just love to spread it about? Put the B and rules together and what do have? BRULES!

I wonder how many of other people’s B-rules you’ve been aware of?

I wonder if you didn’t take these B-rules on as yours how different your life could be like?

I wonder how much less stressed you would be if you followed what is true for you rather than waiting for others to dish up another helping of B-rules?

All the B-rule expectations and projections that others have sent you and you have bought into and taken on board as your own, will you now let them go and live your best B-rule free life?

If you know that you have taken on board other people’s B-rules, that this maybe one cause of your stress, depression or overwhelm, that you are ready to shift this with some assistance then book yourself a private coaching session here.

With ease, joy, glory, smiles and possibilities,

Denise x