What would you like your future to look like?

Would you like to experience a time where the worry of your next bill doesn’t send chills down your spine? Your car insurance and MOT doesn’t fill you with anxiety?

What if I told you that I believe that you are worthy of receiving everything that is ease filled for you, especially money?

Since choosing Access Consciousness® as my main modality of working with people I have come to realise that it is our judgments of how we show up in this reality that creates a lot of what we have … or don’t have.

For a long time I played small believing that others deserved a bigger life than I was prepared to to have. 

I created so many walls and barriers of not enough and bought into the brain washing of this reality. I have since come to realise that this universe of ours is abundant and waiting for us to ask for what we would truly like to have as our life.

We all have dreams of how we would like our lives to look like and we all have different views on what our richer life could be like.

I would like to invite you to discover for you what your richer life truly could be. 

Life is fun. Life is joy. Money is fun. Money is joy. 

Having no money isn’t fun. I’ve been there. As I child I went to school with holes in my shoes. As a child I knew that there was more that I could have. As I grew up I forgot about the energy I was as a child, making demands of me to ask for more, and I slotted myself into a box and told myself to stop being so greedy. I was often told by my parents that i had an unrealistic view of what I could have. I believed them.

Once I stepped into a bigger way of living and truly showed up as me, being the vulnerability of me, getting to know more of me, dusting out the nooks and crannies of my warped points of view I could see what money and riches are for me.

Would you be interested in finding out more with me?

Guess what? You have chosen to be here and you get to choose how to live your life and how much money you are willing to receive. You also get to choose what the richness of your life looks like and shows up like. And it isn’t always exactly as you imagine it might be. 

I leave you with both a question and an invitation…

Question – What would it take for you to be greater than yesterday and choose to live your richer life?

Invitation – I am beginning a 30 day exploration of ‘Are you willing to live your richer life’ using the Access Consciousness book, How to Become Money workbook from August 3rd for 30 days. 

You can find the event on Facebook HERE.

You can buy the book on the Access Consciousness website HERE