I wonder how many of you stop and acknowledge yourself? 

I wonder how many of you resist acknowledging you and all that you be? 

I get it. For years I was so into the wrongness of me and my choices that I never stopped to ask myself a question about those choices. I certainly didn’t wish to acknowledge that my frame of mind may have had anything to do with where I was at with the doubt, worry and depression that I was experiencing. 

What I now know is that I was waiting for validation from outside of me. I was waiting for someone else to tell me that I was a good person, a good mother, a good wife and that I was way more capable than I was willing to acknowledge myself for. What I didn’t recognise is that validation will only come from A.N. Other persons filters i.e. with A.N. Other’s  judgements attached. 

One of the things I have come to recognise is that we consider that acknowledgement should always be positive, upbeat and that it can come across as bragging.  

When I came to Access Consciousness what I was really good at was making myself wrong, doubting myself and putting myself, just like Baby, in the corner. I had no way of switching off the thoughts of judgement that I allowed myself to wallow in ALL of the time. 

How did this change for me and I know it could also change for you? 

The more I was aligning and agreeing with the wrongness of me, at the same time as resisting and reacting to changing that, the more I was pulling wrongness, doubt and worry into my world. I’ll bet that you’re not doing that are you? 

How did this change for me? 

Well the change began when I attended my first Access Bars® training day. On my way to it I told myself that I would be late and that I would get lost. I was so good at being wrong that this is what happened. What I wasn’t prepared for when I eventually  arrived at the venue was not being validated on my wrongness or allowed to tell a long and rambling story about the morning I had had getting there.  A totally alien thing to me. Instead I was given a question. That question was, “What’s right about this (or it can be me) that I’m not getting?” 

Couple this experience with also getting my Bars® run twice as well as learning the Bars® and my life began to change. I used the question, “What’s right about this or what’s right about me?” for a very long time after that first day. What I began to recognise was that if I could acknowledge all the things I told myself I was wrong about, I could choose to change this and acknowledge so much about me that was right. I could change my point of view, not need validation from anyone and step into totally different and unlimited possibilities.  

Where are you not willing to acknowledge you? 

Where are you not willing to acknowledge someone else? 

What’s right about you that you’re not willing to look at and acknowledge?  

Until the next blog magical you, have fun playing with the questions and acknowledging you for all that you be.

PS   If the time is right for you to begin to rewrite your story and discover your strongness, get in touch to see how I can help you create your own happy ending.  Email me at deniseoliver@devaempowerment.com