Worldwide Facilitator

Access Consciousness® was founded by Gary Douglas almost 30 years ago.
Ten years later Dr. Dain Heer, a chiropractor, became co-creator. Dr Dain recognised the importance of Access in his life when getting his Bars® run changed his outlook from one of wishing to commit suicide to one of living a joyful life.

Together Gary and Dain have spread Access Consciousness® across 174 countries so far.

Access Consciousness is about empowering you to know that you know. It allows you to change anything and create everything you desire in a different way and with more ease.

The aim of Access is to create a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged. Are you ready to expand the level of choices and possibilities that are available to you?

When you’re willing to follow your knowing, and ask a question, it could be the one thing that unlocks your whole world! Are you ready for that?™

Access Consciousness offers you tools and questions to create everything you desire in a simple and different way.

How does it get any better than that?™

The life-changing tools and techniques created by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer are designed to help empower you to create the life you always dreamed of.

 I don’t have words to express the level of change or better yet, all levels of change, that are taking place. Most people look outside for the tangible, visible, and palpable changes in their life and fail to register the changes in the energetic blueprint that make any outward change possible. For me it’s quite the opposite. Since your classes, I feel expansiveness, space on the inside, a new sense of wonder and the excitement of new possibilities that has been missing for 13 years. Thank you.

Although tools of Access Consciousness have generated a great deal of change in the lives of many people, Access does not declare itself to be the only way. Access empowers you to know what is true for you. It allows you to know that you know!