As you may have seen in July’s newsletter or on social media, I am offering several training days throughout July and August to do with Access Consciousness® and Access Bars®.

Are you intrigued by these terms? Do you get a sense that this might be right for you? What more could be created in your life with the addition of these tools?

Although you might be following the energy around these questions, and getting a sense of lightness and ease, I’m aware that we all have a side to our brains that needs to satisfied with some good solid information in order to determine that this is the right thing for you.

Here are some examples of what people say after treatments and training days…

You can find even more information and testimonials for either of these topics on the Access Conciousness website:

Access BARS®


Are you still looking for more ease and joy in your life?

Are you still getting the energy of this being right for you?

The link to sign up to my training classes is below:

Introduction to Access Bars®

Access Bars® Practitioner Training

Access Foundation® Training

What if you could create everything you’ve been asking for in life, and more, with total ease?

Let’s get creating together!