Where did it all begin?

For me, it was a little over 5 years ago, I was recovering from the effects of chronic fatigue brought on by Lyme disease and the treatments I had received. It had been a long battle and I was ready for a change and for my life to be more – more ease, more joy and definitely more magical.

My first Bars session took place on an actual Bars® practitioner training day, similar to the ones I now hold. What became clear to me during that day was how much I pushed my body on a daily basis rather than listen to its requirements; judged it, endlessly; and refused the joy of it.

I remember the feeling as I sat there watching Fiona set up the speakers so that we could watch and hear a video of Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer clearly, the co-founders of Access Consciousness® talk about The Bars®. I thought, ‘I had to know what Bars were about and how to do it’ – I had no idea why, I just had to.

During the session I came to realise that I was constantly judging myself and making myself wrong – everyone else was always right in my opinion, but this had become an automatic response to every situation. For example: Some years ago, a friend was into telling me how my choice in literature just wasn’t up to much. To bring it up to the standard she considered acceptable, and I get that this is just her point of view, I should read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I can’t begin to tell you how I allowed that to mess with my mind and how I wanted to avoid her in case (because I made myself so wrong for not reading them) she cross-examined me as to whether I had read them or not. Now I’m just, “Nah, they really don’t do it for me and the films even more so”, give me Harry Potter any day. I don’t care if the next person agrees with me or not. I now know what works for me more and more each day.

Under the gentle kindness of my first facilitator, Fiona Cutts, who had also experienced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was now a Tigger like figure of joy and gratitude, myself and two other ladies were guided through our first Bars® session and training day. I haven’t looked back since.

What are Bars®, I can hear you ask.

Well, the Bars are 32 points on the head that when touched begin to release limiting beliefs and values that we hold in our body and mind. Beliefs and values that no longer serve us in any way, shape or form and yet we never clear them out.

Imagine if you will, your fridge.

How many jars and bottles of opened, barely used and probably past their use by date jars of stuff do you have sitting in there waiting to be cleared out? Or that spice rack that has one jar of something that you rarely, if ever, use and yet is still sitting there.

The standing joke in my family is the opened jar of cranberry jelly, that used to be bought every Christmas, opened, a spoon rammed into it and it placed, like an ornament, in the middle of the Christmas day table.

After Christmas dinner the table would be cleared and that jar, it’s lid now replaced, popped onto a shelf in the fridge, from where it would gradually be pushed to the back of the shelf only to be brought to light weeks, months or dare I say even a year later, when it would be replaced with a new jar.

The stupid part is, no one actually liked it, yet, it had to be bought because it was the done thing. How many of your beliefs and values have you bought as ‘the done thing’ simply because that was how everyone else is functioning?

Another way of looking at this is to compare it to your email inbox. How many emails do you receive on a daily basis? How many of them do you actually read? How many do you ignore and hope they go away? How many do you just leave blocking up storage space, a bit like the jars in your fridge or cupboard?

Imagine your beliefs and values in much the same way. You take them onboard because this is what we do in this reality. There doesn’t appear to be any choice about it. It is just what happens.

You can of course file or delete emails and done regularly this frees up your inbox. The delete button is one of the most useful buttons on the laptop, in my opinion.

Having your Bars® run is much like pressing delete. You highlight an issue whether consciously or unconsciously and you press delete button among those 32 points. The Bars® buttons are points that relate to areas in our lives where we have stored judgments; judgments about money, bodies, sexuality, time, creativity, joy, sadness, kindness, and so much more.

How much more ease could your body experience if you chose to release some of your judgments and beliefs in a Bars® session or on a training day?

If you would like to see what you can achieve feel free to contact me for a private Bars® session or for details about the next training day.

With ease, joy, magic, and glory.

Denise x