Can you imagine what your life would be like if you woke up every day and had no recollection of the day you had the day before?

Just as you have now somethings are a given. You sleep. You wake up. And loads of things happen in between waking and sleeping. Often for no explicable reason you have this underlying sensation of dread or boredom or stress associated with each and every day that you are awake. 

What if when you wake up in a morning you didn’t have the expectation of, as the Beatles have sung about, “It’s just another day”. What if instead, like the character Lucy in 50 First Dates, each and every day that you wake up each is a new beginning – even when  the pattern of the day is similar?

What if you begin every day as though it were adventure filled instead of dread filled? What might that create in your world?

One of the benefits for me of using the tools of Access Consciousness is recognising that I have a choice in how I approach my day. I can buy into a level of trauma and drama or I can choose something else and ask, on repeat if necessary, “What else?” Show me universe, what else is possible here?

You can still choose trauma and drama if that’s working for you. This is still a choice. If on the other hand it’s not creating the life and living that you know deep down is more of what you truly desire than how about you choose again?

What if like Lucy you wake up every morning and see the day as if for the first time and truly embraced and enjoyed this?

You could also ask a question. How about this one? 

Universe, would you show me what grand, glorious, magical, miraculous possibilities are waiting for me today? 

What else would be fun for me to experience today? 

I wonder. What else IS truly possible for you today? 

Do let me know how you get on.  

I am always interested in what is happening in your world.