The Identity Trap

I’m pondering who and what you identify with, how this maybe trapping you and limiting the life that you could be living.

For instance do you hear yourself saying things like, “Just like my mother I can’t stick to a diet, no matter how much I know that to lose weight would be a good idea.” Or how about, “No matter what I do I can’t get out of debt. I remember my mum arguing with my dad about him and his debt.”

For whatever reason you have trapped yourself with a particular identity, or several identities, whether it is serving you or not at this moment in time. There is no right or wrong here just an acknowledgement of what may be happening for you.

I am going to suggest that you may have  done this with other choices as well for example, your career choices, your money and wealth choices, your relationship choices, your time management choices, your health choices and something I refer to as yourSELF choices. These are the choices where you don’t know how to be yourself and are always looking outside of you for the answer to your inner struggles.

With the tools of Access Consciousness people choose to change the characteristics and behaviors that they identify with for example, the I can’t stick to a diet because [                   ], (fill in the gap) trap.

What some would identify as excuses, I hear the places that you have stuck yourself, possibly at a very young age, before you had the brain development to challenge this. It is the Greek philosopher Aristotle who is quoted as saying, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” Aristotle observed that we develop our identities before we have the ability to choose different. We become what we see, hear and other people’s points of views. We know we have them and don’t have the means to change them.

With the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness, for instance Access Bars® or The Foundation®, it is possible to reach beyond the finite nature of this reality, the identities you have stuck yourself with  and choose to embrace the infinite energetic being that you truly be that is beyond the finite nature of the here and now.

Trust me. You can ALWAYS choose again. You can ALWAYS choose to set yourself free from the trappings of this reality.

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