What if there were no barriers, to anything? Anything good. Anything bad. Anything downright ugly. Anything?
What if you could just ask and receive? What might that create for you? If you are anything like I was before Access Consciousness this may sound a tad far fetched and yet I am asking that you stick with me until the end of this blog/video.
From an Access point of view, when you have no boundaries you have no fixed points of view. What does that mean? This is the space of you where more possibility opens up.
When you take a fixed point of view, it creates the parameters and the barriers of your reality. You are boxing yourself in and then refusing or dismissing possibilities that the universe is showing you.
And then there are the places that you’re not willing to be you. Those places where you are functioning on automatic pilot. You are defensive and ready to establish barriers against something, anything and everything. This was so me.
Instead when in actuality awareness can only come from total receiving which means you can be prepared for anything.
as well as learning an exercise, that I will share with you in a moment, I was also given this question … What’s the value to me of not lowering my barriers? If you consider that there is a value to you, whether you can out words to this or not, then you will persist in holding those barriers in place.

What is the exercise? It’s Barriers down.
It’s ridiculously easy once you’ve practiced. Practice somewhere in a space where you won’t knock anything and when you’re not driving or operating machinery. pretty obvious and important for me to mention.
First of all we are going to do this using our arms. You can be seated or you can stand for this.
• Start with your hands above your head.
• Have your palms facing downwards and slowly push your palms to the floor.
• Do this slowly.
• Everywhere that you get a sense of resistance then stop for a moment and say,
• “Barriers down, barriers down, barriers down.”
• Repeat this until you get a sense of something releasing and then move on.
• When you experience the resistance or a hesitation again, then once again be
• with it and say, “Barriers down, barriers down, barriers down.”

This is a great way to ease tension from your body.
Be the invitation of ease with your body. Hi body. Ready to relax? As though you are coaxing a child. Speaking with kindness and gentleness.
You begin with your arms above your head and like before you slowly descend your arms towards the floor, only this time you are focusing on your sweet body.
• Hands above your head
• become aware of tension in your hair, in your forehead, your
• eyebrows, around
• your nose and so on.
• The tension may be at the back of your head.
• Kindly and gently ask it to release before you move on.
Slowly and steadily make your way down your body being the invitation with your body to release your barriers and bring an ease to your body and your world.
When you have practiced this using your arms there will come a day when you realise that you don’t physically need to use them. You can simply ask for barriers down in any situation or at any time with your body.
Please practice this at your own pace. It’s not a competition and I’d love to hear how you’re getting on.
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