2022 has come and gone.

It wasn’t exactly the year I would have planned for myself. It was one of the most challenging times I can recall.

On December 30th, 2021, my second bornson died by suicide. Beginning 2022 with his death and everything that involved was surreal and traumatising.

Add into the mix my worries for my other two children, husband and extended family and friends and I knew that I could quite quickly lose myself to stress and overwhelm.

Thankfully I have enough knowledge and therapy friends I could call on to support me and my well being and I gradually emerged from the initial shock and brain fog.

At the point that I was getting ready to get back into the full working swing of things, I slipped and fractured my left shoulder. What the absolute f*%k?!?

Many weeks passed before I was fully mobile and again I called upon all my resources to stay positive and move forward. 

And then to end this year it passed in a blur of flu. Days in bed and only vague memories of Christmas. 

I don’t think anyone I know would be surprised if I wallowed in self pity for sometime. In actual fact I didn’t do this. It was there, but it didn’t get a chance to take hold. Thank goodness.

One of the most beautiful things that has happened since my second born died is his continued presence in my world. At the end of March we were having a conversation in a dream. As I woke from this dream I had two words in my head ‘haven’ and ‘neuroscience’.

Haven wasn’t a word that I used and I looked up it’s meaning – a safe place, a refuge, a harbour. That’s very lovely I thought and had no idea what I was supposed to do with this information.

Very soon after this I ordered a book of Amazon written by Linzi Meaden, in whcih she chronicles her experience of the death of her brother by suicide. In this book Linzi mentions ‘self-havening’ and my body showed me that it wanted to know more.

I found a course that was happening within days of my reading this book and the rest is history. I am now a ceritified Havening Techniques® practitioner. More on this in future posts.

Very soon I will be offering a free download about ‘Self-Havening’ as I believe that to be able to take care of our mind and body is one of the most empowering things we can do.

if you wish to connect and find out more at this momnet in time I ask that you email me and we can than diary in a time and date that is mutually beneficial. One day, soonish, i will have an online calender available. Until then email is best at deniseoliver@devaempowerment.com


For now I will wish you welcome to 2023 with love and kindness from me.


Denise x